Have a look at a few of our past projects to see what our Greville welders and fabricators are capable of. From custom-made crocodile traps through to manufacture of pipework and boilers, we've done all this and more. We cater for civil, commercial and industrial sectors.

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Bathurst Island Housing -a Tool Box's

These tool box's were designed and fabricated here in the pinelands workshop, then secured and shipped on the barge to Bathurst island.
The box's were custom built for the boys from BIH to fit all their important and expensive building tools and equipment. They are built with high quality hinges, gas struts and locks.

Tour Trailer - Venture North

Popular Territory tour company Venture North, approached us earlier this year aiming to add to their fleet of commercial tour trailers. This trailer had to be built, practical and yet durable to withstand the sometimes incredibly harsh conditions of the Australian outback. Using all locally supplied materials, we turned this trailer out in the matter of weeks. Everything being custom made here in the workshop to suit. The trailer was inspected by the Territory Government, registered and will now spend its life on the road.
Project Cost:
$20,000 - $30,000

Aluminium Fuel Tanks - Humbug Fishing

These aluminium fuel tanks were fabricated for popular fishing charter business Humbug Fishing. These tanks were designed to make fuelling up remotely, easier. They are built strong so they are able to be transported from truck to mothership.
These tanks can be built for any purpose and built to any size.
Project Cost:
$3,000 +

Croc Trap - Parks & Wildlife Northern Territory

We were given the task by Parks and Wildlife Northern Territory to redesign and manufacture a crocodile trap. As the traps are used throughout the Territory, they are required to be light, easily maneuverable and strongly manufactured to withstand the strength of a saltwater crocodile weighing up to one tonne and up to 6m in length. This particular trap design ticked all the boxes and now there are currently over 100 of this design trap in service throughout the Territory.
Project Cost:
$40,000 - $60,000

Work Boat Upgrade - PTTEP Australasia

We were given a major project by PTTEP Australasia to bring two offshore work boats in to survey. To do this, we had to adhere to all company and Australian standards in welding and manufacturing.
An extensive amount of work was completed to these boats such as redesigning the helm, repair to stern and prop shafts, repair rudder shafts and mechanical components, engine servicing, bilge system modification, aluminium welding to repair hull and stern tubes, as well as the fit and installation of the canopy. Along with the job came a paper trail. The team at Greville Fabrication were able to complete all required documents to ensure the completion of the project.
Project Cost:
$50,000 - $70,000 each

Boiler - Australian Blue Cypress

Greville Fabrication was given the task to re-engineer and manufacture a distilling plant for local business Australian Blue Cypress.
Australian Blue Cypress create an all-natural bug and insect repellent, and a natural healing oil. This business is registered to supply the Leighton's Index site in the Northern Territory with this bug spray. This is an 8000-man site, so that's an awful lot of oil to be made.
We used both steel and stainless steel for this project.
Project Cost:
$20,000 - $30,000

Chilled Water Manifold - Westside Plumbing

We were awarded this job by Westside Plumbing in 2012. The task was to manufacture heavy duty water pipes in accordance to specified drawings, whilst all work had to adhere to the Australian high-pressure pipe welding standards.
Project Cost:
$20,000 - $30,000

Power & Water - Barge / Floating Pump Station

Power & Water gave us the task of designing and manufacturing a new floating pump barge for slurry transfer.
This barge was built entirely out of aluminum and again had to meet all Australian marine safety standards.
The barge was finished and fitted out with generator and pump and other associated machinery here at the workshop